Free WiFi Portugal app iHpne Android

Free Wi-Fi Portugal is a comprehensive and colaborative app dedicated to discover and map the Free WiFi spot in Portugal.

We only cover 100% free hotspot's, and manually revise all of them, to guarantie the maximum accuracy possible in the information provided.

The Free Wi-Fi Portugal started as a Facebook page and today is a low-cost app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

The app maps user location that can then search for Free Wi-Fi Places within a radius of 2Km, 10Km or 30Km. Search for locations can also be done by city / geographic region.

With over 2.000 Free Wi-Fi spots identified, all over Portugal, ranging from cafes, restaurants and terraces to museums, public buildings, gardens, squares, whole villages and even a taxi in the Azores, this application is in constant growing, through our users inputs: our fans and users are the spotters of new locations!

We manually revise all spots so that the information provided has the maximum accuracy.

Use Free WiFi Portugal to find free internet spots and share it with your friends.


Thank you!

José Nunes

Founder and Director

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